(my thoughts on Pillow sleep app for iOS)

I’m a mom. And with motherhood, you also get those sleepless nights. The good news — it gets better. Until you have another baby, that is.

One of my fave things about my Apple Watch is its sleep tracking, as I do wear it at night. However, I found Apple’s sleep app lacking and for the longest time, held off the search for something better (I’m a mom with a full time job, who has time for that?). Today I decided to look it up and thanks to 9To5Mac easily found a great review.

I decided to go with Pillow. The UI seemed simple and pretty, and it’s free with optional in-app purchase. Great! After a super quick download, I launched the app on my iPhone and had the following impression:

GREAT: The app already imported all my existing sleep data — this is AWESOME. I immediately could review the analysis from previous nights and it was so cool. There’s nothing like instant gratification :)
Here are some images from last night’s sleep on Apple’s Health app and Pillow:

pillow daily view — iphone and apple watch

NOT SO GREAT: I did miss a couple of features right away -
1. The option to set an alarm for specific days of the week — or in my case, not setting one for weekends (never mind that who needs an alarm when you’ve got a baby, right?)
2. I am totally missing a weekly/monthly view here. Would’ve been great if I could see my percentages across a few days. Now I have to manually go into the calendar view to pick a date :/

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I would love a sleep app that would realize I have a waking pattern (in this case, a little guy that wants to be fed some time between midnight and 2:30 am) and take it into account in its recommendation.

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